Our Guide on How to Pick Birthday Flowers

June 30, 2023


Whether picking out posies for your partner or gifting a luxury bouquet for a family member, flowers always make a perfect birthday gift. At The Flower Studio, we have a wide range of floral arrangements for all seasons. If you’re wondering what flowers to give on birthdays, this article will answer all your questions and explore some of the best ways to pick the perfect birthday flowers.

Pick flowers by month

The season and month will all play a big part in which flowers you decide to gift your loved one. Winter tends to offer gorgeous white hues, while Spring provides the first sprouts of colour. Summer, of course, takes these wonderfully bright tones to a glorious extreme, with Autumn then supplying toned down, yet undeniably delightful browns and reds. Take a look through our latest blog here, which gives you some extra tips on picking flowers by month.

Look into floral meanings

When it comes to flowers, there’s always a hidden symbolic depth that adds an extra layer of meaning to any arrangement. Clearly, roses and tulips in bright reds and pinks have a natural association with romance. In contrast, white tulips and purple hyacinths tend to represent sympathy and loss, so aren’t particularly well suited as birthday flowers. Keeping these symbols and meanings in mind will inform which kind of arrangement you would like to gift.

Bear allergies in mind

No matter how much time you put behind it, allergies can put a spanner in the works of any floral arrangement. We always suggest asking a loved one whether they have allergies to any kind of flower. This is especially important during the heights of Spring and Summer when hay fever is running amok. Our professional florists would be more than happy to talk you through any stumbling blocks that come with allergies, so you can have peace of mind when giving your gift.

Go with your gut

There are plenty of technicalities when it comes to creating or choosing a floral arrangement, but sometimes a combination just looks *right*. Heading into our shop and talking with our team could generate some great new ideas and get those creative juices flowing. Always trust your instincts when picking birthday flowers. At the end of the day, you’ll know their tastes and preferences more than most.

In our eyes, the gorgeous colours, hidden symbolism and delightful aromas are all reasons why flowers are a good birthday gift. We believe birthday flowers are one of the best ways to present your appreciation to a loved one or family member. Interested in finding the perfect bouquet? Explore our collections today or get in contact with our shop here.