Birthday Flowers By Month: Find Your Birth Flower

June 30, 2023


There’s no matter way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday than gifting a unique, gorgeous and luxurious bouquet. However, it can still be difficult to hit the nail on the head with your floral choice, especially with the huge amount of variety on offer. With that in mind, this article will take you through some of the most commonly bought flowers for each month of the year to help you decide the best arrangement for your loved one.


1. Birth Flowers for January

For many, January is the gloomiest month with the wet, bitter days. A gorgeous birthday bouquet is a perfect pick-me-up, with white floral hues reflecting the lighter aspects of the winter season. Carnations and snowdrops are seen as the birth flowers of January too, which makes them the ideal gift.

2. Birth Flowers for February

Despite being the month of Valentine’s Day, many people see the deep purple hues of violets and iris’ as the month’s traditional birth flower. These wonderful blooms fit seamlessly into plenty of luxury bouquets.


3. Birth Flowers for March

Is it any surprise that daffodils are considered the birth month flower for March? These yellow delights mark the very beginning of Spring, with all its hope. happiness and connotations of rebirth.

4. Birth Flowers for April

Following on with the Spring season, April’s birth flower is the daisy. Popping up in the fields and in floral arrangements, daisies are always a welcome addition to Spring bouquets. Any florist worth his salt won’t underestimate the subtle beauty of a daisy. A truly delightful birthday flower.

5. Birth Flowers for May

With the balmier months of summer on the horizon, lily of the valley and hawthorn pop up as May’s birth flower. These wonderful blooms add a depth of whiteness to any arrangement, sticking out proudly in the recipient’s home.


6. Birth Flowers for June

Here come the roses! June’s birth flowers are delightful roses in their many colours and complex and intriguing honeysuckle. Bouquets with these flowers incorporated are perfectly suited to June.

7. Birth Flowers for July

As we enter July, there’s no doubt that summer is in full swing. Delphinium and water lily are this month’s flowers, encapsulating all that’s relaxing, enjoyable and beautiful about the heart of summer.

8. Birth Flowers for August

August’s birth flowers are gladiolus and poppy, usually available in a kaleidoscope of different colours. These stunning blooms are well suited to a big variety of arrangements, so be sure to check out our collections.


9. Birth Flowers for September

With Autumn nearing and the days getting shorter, is there a better time to gift a bright bouquet? We don’t think so – luckily, September’s birth flowers are aster and morning glory. While asters actually grow all months of the year, they are particularly vibrant during the autumnal months.

10. Birth Flowers for October

With their spicy scents and wonderful hues, marigolds and cosmos are October’s birth flowers. Marigolds especially are one of the sturdiest flowers of the seasons, making them the perfect long-lasting floral birthday gift.

11. Birth Flowers for November

The wonderfully named chrysanthemum is the birth flower of November. These big, beautiful blooms are the centrepiece of many bouquets, ideal for those looking for an arrangement that can steal the show in the house.


12. Birth Flowers for December

Last, but certainly not least, the wonderfully festive holly and narcissus are the final birth blooms of the year. While holly may not be a flower, these spiky plants are brilliant at adding that special winter touch to an arrangement.

From January to December, The Flower Studio provides delightful bouquets and custom arrangements perfect for birthdays throughout the year. Take a look through our extensive collections today or get in touch with our professional team of florists for more information about your desired arrangement.