Winter Garden

December 17, 2018

Winter Garden



This grand stag head is an absolute show-stopper when it comes to lighting up your home this Christmas. It’s confident size will stand out anywhere in your house; from the table tops to the window ledges. We think this would make a really magnificent addition as a centrepiece if you are planning on pulling out all the stops for your festive dining decorations this Christmas. Paired with three white pillar candles, it makes a grand gesture for lighting up your home – and certainly doesn’t fail to impress.




Traditional metal scissors and strong quality jute string which will make a thoughtful gift for the green-fingered allotment or flower gardener alike! Great quality traditional metal garden scissors are ideal for your flowers, herbs & plants but are equally as useful in the kitchen for the keen cook as well as craft hobbyist.




Self watering system which allows you to enjoy beautiful, healthy looking plants and flowers without having to water everyday. These hand-blown birds slowly release water into the soil around your plants as needed. As the soil dries out, it releases oxygen back up into the glass bulb which pushes water back into the soil. Your plants get just the right amount of water on their own without the need of daily watering.




These dome shaped cloches keep hungry deer, birds and rabbits away from your precious crops. In urban gardens they are very useful for stopping dogs (or foxes!) trampling on your young, precious plants. They are also large enough to fit over pots on the patio or blend in beautifully into a border with their elegant design and matt grey finish they will look fitting in both rural and urban gardens, nestled into your borders, staggered in your vegetable patch or positioned over pots on the patio.

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