When Do You Put Up and Take Down a Christmas Wreath?

December 1, 2023


Christmas is a time of tradition. For hundreds of years, wreaths and festive greenery have been adorned on Church archways and homely doorways during winter, making them an integral part of Christmas. Even so, many struggle to decide when best to put up and take down Christmas wreaths, especially those that use natural foliage.

When to hang up your Christmas wreath

When the wreath’s on the door, Christmas has officially started. For many, the end of November is the perfect time to usher in the festive month of December. Others find the week before the 25th more ideal and keep the wreath up well into January. At the end of the day, it’s down to personal preference.

At The Flower Studio, we always suggest hanging up your door wreath as soon as you buy it. If you don’t hang your wreath up straight away, you could face a few problems, such as storing it safely and keeping it cool.

Talk to your florist

When it comes to displaying your wreath, each design is a little different. If you’re buying from a high-quality florist, it’s always best to get in touch and ask for some advice. They’ll be able to tell you how to look after the specific wreath design, the ideal time to hang it up and which wreath will best suit your front door.

Our team is always on hand to discuss the best ways to hang up and look after your wreath to keep it in tip-top condition. After all, it will be at the front and centre of your home’s entrance.

Taking your wreath down

As for taking a wreath down from the door, that depends entirely on how good you are at dealing with the end of Christmas! As a rule of thumb, removing the Christmas tree and wreath at the same time is a safe bet and saves a lot of hassle during the disposal process.

Many wreaths stay on doors throughout January, carrying that festive spirit into the New Year and minimising the effect of January blues. Our freshly made wreaths use the finest foliage around and are handcrafted by our team of passionate, expert florists. This high-quality foliage will last well in the New Year if you’d prefer to keep your wreath up.

Order a Christmas door wreath today

Ultimately, the decision of when to hang up and take down your Christmas wreath is up to you. If you’re buying a fresh florist’s wreath, we suggest hanging it on the door immediately to avoid storage issues. Interested in finding that perfect wreath? Take a look through our wonderfully festive wreath collection today.