What Flower Represents a 60th Birthday Best?


60th birthdays always deserve something extra special. We believe that flowers, and the gorgeous arrangements we create, are the perfect choice of gift on such a momentous day. But what is *the* flower for a 60th birthday? What flower represents a 60th birthday best? In this article, we’ll answer all those questions and more, as well as advice on the most suitable arrangements.

Red flowers

Traditionally, red flowers have been used for 60th birthdays, symbolising affection, beauty and passion. Gloriosas, gerberas and, of course, classic red roses all have their place in a gorgeous 60th birthday arrangement. As with many bouquets, getting the balance right when including those deep reds is the key to the perfect arrangement. We often balance red with deep purples, oranges and yellows with a resulting bright ornate bouquet that can take pride of place on the big day.

Grow Me A Rose Garden

Committed to those red hues? Our deep red rose bouquet named Grow Me A Rose Garden may be the perfect choice for that special person. Simplistic yet classic, we’ve balanced out premium quality rose petals with subtle green foliage. As the name suggests, it exudes a clear sense of the natural world and spontaneity.

Crazy In Love

If you’re looking for a romantic vibe, this Crazy In Love bouquet is the ideal choice for a 60th. We’ve not held back on the deep, varied shades of red, featuring a range of wild and exuberant roses. Sitting in scented foliage, we’ve arranged explorer roses, blushing sweet avalanche roses, delicate pink wax flowers, phlox, skimmia & garden spray roses in this extra special hand-tied arrangement. If you’re looking to tone things down a little, our Lovers Lane Red Roses are a gorgeous choice.

Garden Path Flowers

For those searching for a 60th birthday floral arrangement with a little more variety, you can’t go wrong with our Garden Path Flowers bouquet. Balanced to perfection by our team of expert florists, these hand-tied blooms represent the wonderful variety of life. Roses, daisies, gerberas and lisianthus all sit on a bed of meadow grasses guaranteed to bring a smile.

The bespoke choice

We love getting creative with our blooms. The Flower Studio offers bespoke options, so you can present a bouquet that truly represents you. Sound good? Don’t hesitate to give us a ring, send an email or pop into our Marlow or Bourne End shops to bring your imagined arrangement to life.