What are the most romantic flowers?

August 18, 2023


Why are flowers romantic? Well, floral history has a lot to say on that topic. In Ancient Greece, red roses were often linked to Aphrodite, who was the goddess of beauty and love, while the Middle Ages saw the giving of flowers as a chivalrous symbol of romance. Things haven’t changed much, with flowers still seen as the ultimate gesture of love. With all that said, what’s the most romantic flower you can give to a loved one? Our professional florists pick out the very best choices for your special partner that are suitable all year round.

What flowers are romantic?

The gift of flowers is one of the most romantic gestures you can make. Special occasions or not, there are a whole host of flowers that are suitable for every season. Here are some perfect examples:

  • Roses
  • Orchids
  • Tulips
  • Peonies
  • Lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Sunflowers

Our picks for most romantic flowers

Red rose bouquets

A beautiful bunch of red roses – who could say no? There is probably no more significant symbol of romance than the deep, dark red shades of roses. Whether you’re sending the blooms to a loved one on Valentine’s Day or just because, roses are versatile, aromatic and unendingly gorgeous. We only choose the highest quality stems, with each arrangement delicately arranged by our team of professional florists. If you’re looking to make a romantic statement, you can’t go wrong with roses.

Bright yellow tones

Looking for something a little brighter? Yellow can be a more fun tone and is perfectly suited to those sunnier days. Our Grand Sunshine Bouquet is a prime example, with shining yellow flowers balanced with whiter tones. The Garden Path Flowers Bouquet is another stand-out, with its kaleidoscopic explosion of colour likely to stick in the memory for years.

Dried flowers

Many partners search for a gift that lasts longer when they want to express their love. For us, dried flowers are the perfect answer. Bring Me Sunshine and Little Miss Clementine are full of character with lush textures and modern shades, making gorgeous gifts that can sit in the home for years. Artificial flowers, such as You Are My Sunshine, are also a fantastic option. At The Flower Studio, we only choose the very best suppliers for all our faux flowers and take the same amount of care and attention when arranging every stem.

A beautifully complex hand-tied bouquet

In our eyes, floristry is art. A beautifully arranged bouquet, featuring all of the most romantic blooms, takes another level of skill to achieve. The Crazy In Love bouquet is the perfect example, featuring an expertly balanced variety of flowers and all shades of roses. For something more subtle, the Tutti Frutti arrangement is a gorgeous posy with brighter, more seasonal blooms. Our florists express their passion through stunning arrangements, to help you articulate your love when words aren’t enough.

Spoil a loved one with our Romantic collection, packed full of expertly arranged bouquets and stems sourced from the very best suppliers. Looking for something more tailor-made? Please get in touch with our Marlow-based shop and a professional florist will be on hand to help.