Top 10 Cut Flowers To Grow At Home

June 18, 2021

In this weeks Blog, we wanted to talk about 10 popular cut flowers to grow at home, that’ll bloom in Summer. All these flowers can grow in the UK, and in this blog we’ll be sharing some tips and tricks on how to grow them successfully!

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are beautifully fragrant, are easy to grow, and come in a range of stunning colours. They are best sown in Spring (March-May), and grown from April to June. Grow in an open, sunny position in a well-drained but moisture-retentive soil. Once planted in mid spring, keep well watered. Plant sweet peas near a seating area so you can smell them as you sit and relax in the garden. Or better yet, pick some for your indoor vase, even a small amount can fill a room with fragrance.карта рассрочки с доставкой


There are over 30,000 varieties of roses world wide! Common varieties of a Rose to plant in the UK are English Roses Shrub Roses, and climbing Roses which come in large ranges of size and colour. These types of roses are typically easy to grow, healthy, and repeat flowering plants. English roses give off a beautiful scent too! Container grown roses can be potted any time of year. Most roses thrive in sun, and need rich, moist but well-drained soil to nourish. Roses can be cut when they’ve bloomed, and put in an indoor vase to enjoy the scent even more. We have many Rose bouquets to offer on our Florist website and in store at Marlow and Bourne End.


Peonies are flamboyant, beautifully scented, and make a real statement in anyone’s garden – some can even grow the size of a dinner plate! Bare-root peony plants should be planted as soon as they arrive, they’re best planted in Spring (March-April). Peonies require a spot in the garden that has full sun, they also need moist, but well-drained soil. Avoid overwatering your peonies when they’re first planted, as this can lead to an unsuccessful bloom. As peonies are so heavy, you’ll most likely need to use a plant support too. We love including cut peonies in our customers bouquets, they add a great texture and fragrance!


Delphiniums are known for their vivid sapphire blue shades, but they also come in many other colours like mauve, baby pink, baby blue…etc. You can plant delphiniums all year round, but they grow best when planted in Spring (May-June) when the soil is warm and moist. Plant delphiniums in an area that gets a lot of sun, and in moist but well-drained soil. If you cut delphiniums down after they flower in summer, you may be lucky enough to get a second flush of flowers in September. Beautiful delphinium spikes can reach 2 metres tall, they’ll add colour and beauty to your garden! We have 2 bouquets on our website including beautiful delphiniums: ‘The Cutting Garden Bouquet’ and ‘For The Bees & The Butterflies’.


Hydrangeas make a beautiful statement in any bouquet, they’re also stunning bunched on their own, as we’ve shown our Florist, Bryn holding in the pictures below. At The Flower Studio we sell Hydrangea potted plants, which can be enjoyed inside in a planter, or planted outside in the garden, ready to bloom each year. You can buy one by clicking here. It’s best to plant Hydrangeas in Spring or in Autumn. An important tip with these flowers when planted, is not to let the soil dry out, especially in the hotter Summer months. They bloom anytime from April to October. There are many different varieties of hydrangea plants, each one good for a different reason, but all guaranteed to look wonderful and liven up any space!


Lavender plants are not only known for their beautiful, calming scent, but they’re the best plant to grow for honey bees due to the flower being rich in nectar! There are many different variations you can grow depending on your colour preference, how scented you’d like the plant to be, and how tall it grows – make sure to research which variety would be best for you. Lavendin lavenders are becoming more and more popular as they’re more robust than other lavenders and therefore more tolerant of wetter soils and colder winters… Like we have in the UK! The best time to plant Lavender is in Spring (March-May), and watch them flower in June and July through to September. They grow best in open areas with a lot of sun. You can grow Lavender in pots or straight in the ground, the benefit with the pot is that you can move it through out the year to areas which get the most sun. We love having Lavender in our Marlow Florist Shop in these Summer months!


Clematis is a perfect flower to plant in your garden for wildlife, fences, a trellis, a space that needs filing or even if you have an unsightly wall you’d like to cover. These are beautiful climbing perennials! There are over 200 species of these beautiful flowers that resemble stars, they give off a fresh, blossom-like scent too! Clematis grows best when planted in the ground, where the roots are in the shade, and the top growth is in the sun. Plant in Spring or Autumn for best results, and they love water retentive soil. You can expect to see the flowers bloom between February to September! You can buy clematis in Flower Land Garden Centre in Bourne End, where our second Florist Shop is located.


Phlox is a beautiful flower with a sweet fragrance. The best part is, on hotter days, your phlox actually smells stronger! It is an extremely popular plant amongst gardeners because it’s easy to grow, long blooming, long-lived, and very fragrant. There are over 50 different varieties with 10s of different colours of Phlox to chose from, some preferring shady spots, whilst others relish in the sun. Phlox is best planted in Spring or Autumn while the soil is moist and warm, they’re great to plant in garden boarders to fill space, as the bushes can grow very large. Phlox don’t like drought, so make sure to keep them moist especially in the Summer months when they flower.


Astrantias look beautiful, are easy to grow, and look so delicate cut and arranged in a vase for your home. There are many colours to chose from, from soft pastel pinks to deep velvet burgundy’s. A bonus about these flowers is that they’re resistant to slugs and snails! Plant Astrantias in a shady spot from October to April in moist soil that retains water. Make sure to keep them well watered through their first summer and watch them flower from June through to August. Astrantias are trouble free plants and require very little care which is great! Our Florists love including Astrantias in our bouquets that we create for customers.


Last but definitely not least we have Sunflowers. If you wouldn’t like to grow Sunflowers but would prefer a cut bunch to style in your home, we have a beautiful bunch available to buy on our website: our ‘Summer Sunshine Bunch’. Annual Sunflowers bloom from Summer into Autumn, and put a smile on everyone’s face whilst they’re around! They grow best in a sunny, sheltered spot, and can be planted in a pot, but they grow better in the ground. Sowing Sunflowers is a great activity to do with the family too! Seeds can be sown in Spring, from March to May and planted from April to June. Depending on which Sunflower variety you chose, they can grow to 50cm, or up to 3m+ tall! Click here to see our Sunflower arrangement options we have available to buy on our website.

We hope you loved this Blog and it inspired you to get out and start gardening!