The Flower Studio Marlow Returns!

June 6, 2020

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Following recent developments in government policy, we are delighted to announce that, from Tuesday June 16th, we will be gradually re-opening for business! This will not only include our store, but all deliveries locally and nationally. We’d like to thank all of our customers for their understanding, concern and resilience during these difficult few months. The fight isn’t over, but hopefully we can provide you with a sense of normality that has been missing recently. We passionately believe that our flowers are essential in brightening those spaces we’ve been spending more time in than usual recently and providing that extra bit of comfort will be our pleasure.

Working in The Flower StudioThe Flower Studio Working303

However, we are fully aware that there’s a long way to go. We’re committed to keeping our staff and customers safe and wanted to give you some vital information on the steps we’re taking to ensure that’s possible, in alignment with government advice.

Here’s a rundown of what we’re planning for June 16th:

We’ve already assessed the store, arranged our displays and applied tape to accommodate the 2 metre social distancing rule.

There will be a limit of 2 people in the shop at a time to, once again, ensure that these rules are met.

Our staff will have work stations both internally and externally to provide an efficient and useful experience for both customers and staff.

Payment will also be possible inside and outside. We encourage everyone towards contactless payment (the limit of which has been increased to £45).

There will be a decontamination rota for staff that will include frequent hand washing and and wiping down surfaces and displays. Hand sanitiser will also be freely available to all customers.

Perspex screen barriers will be applied to the till to protect staff and customers.

Staff will wear gloves and masks if necessary.

With this time off and our planned refurbishment, we’ve taken the time to deep clean the entire store.


Once again, thank you to everyone who has given their support during a time that has been challenging not only for us, but all businesses. Positivity and dedication are an intrinsic part of what we do and we’re thrilled to be able to share them with you and our community again soon.

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