Summer Gift Guide

May 14, 2021

Summer is right round the corner, 21st June this year! Being a Florist, we absolutely love that we can bring the season to your home before it arrives outside. Here at the Flower Studio, we have many Summer arrangements that would make great Birthday/ Anniversary/ Baby Shower/ Wedding/ Thinking of you gifts that we’d love to share with you.

Summer Plant Gifts

First let’s talk about potted hydrangeas, these indoor plants make a stunning gift. Not only do they look beautiful, but they have a great benefit; the plant’s moisture-regulating properties increase indoor humidity and provide better air quality for your home!лучшие займы без процентов отзывы

Our Sky blue hydrangea Pot Plant is one option we have, it adds a beautiful, and elegant pop of colour to your home. Sky blue hydrangeas are very ‘in fashion’ at the minute, we’ve been seeing pictures of them on our fellow Florist’s accounts, and favourite influencer home accounts over on Instagram. If you’re not following us already, our Instagram name is @theflowerstudio_ and we post daily content.

Sky Blue Hydrangea Pot Plant

Our White Hydrangea Potted Plant would make a better plant for those who prefer not to have pops of colour in the home, or who maybe have very neutral décor. It would also make a great baby shower gift if the gender isn’t known! White hydrangeas are classy, and timeless, whilst making a striking display in any home due to the large blooms.

White Hydrangea Potted Plant

A best selling product of ours that we had to include in this Summer gift guide is our Little Birdie Plant Watering Set. This makes a perfect partner to any potted plant you may be gifting. It’s an elegant self-watering system, perfect for those to forget to water their plants.

Little Birdie Plant Watering Set

Summer Bouquet Gifts

At the Flower Studio we have countless options for bouquet gifts, we have a new range available in store and online, called the ‘Just for you’ range. This is our take on the traditional Florist’s Choice bouquet. It’s perfect if your giftee doesn’t have a specific flower or colour they like, or if the person buying the gift just can’t chose what they want. It lets our florist’s creativity shine, as they chose the freshest, seasonal flowers to make up this bouquet. Here are a couple Summer bouquets that would make lovely gifts.

Our Summer ~ Country Charm Peonies is delightful. It includes a variety of fresh peonies, pioano roses, aqua roses and phlox, sprinkled with alchemila and scented foliage.

Summer ~ Country Charm Peonies

Lastly, our Summer ~ The Summer Garden Posy makes a beautiful gift. It includes a variety of pink roses, carnation blooms, eryngium and sweet williams sprinkled with alchemila and scented foliage.

Summer ~ The Summer Garden Posy