Summer Blooms for Your Wedding: Trends for 2024

June 21, 2024

Couples this year are looking for flower arrangements that will elevate their special day to new heights and are more adventurous using bold colour palettes, interesting textures, and a more sustainable approach to floristry. In this blog we look at some of the most exciting trends currently inspiring your floral choices.

Textural and Statement Flowers

This year is all about experimenting with a mix of textural and statement flowers and we are loving it! Our florist team have said creating depth and interest to your arrangements and bouquets is key. This style combines a more unusual variety of stems and textures, using proteas, anemones, and dahlias. We have also been combining these stems with softer flowers and greenery creating wonderful contrast. Our skilled florists create these bouquets using a chicken wire base as well as hand-crafted bouquets. We are loving this trend as it allows for more creativity with each bouquet and arrangement unique and individual to the couple’s taste.

Bold Colour Wedding Trend

2024 sees an increase in the use of  vibrant and bold colour palettes. We are seeing a trend toward the use of statement blooms in bright reds, deep cerise, sunny yellows and lush purples creating stunning bridal bouquets and dramatic venue decor. This confident use of bold colours allows couples to really make a statement creating a stylish ambiance. Our florist team have found that balancing bright flowers with neutral features can help balance the look, making sure it remains sophisticated and chic.

Foliage and Greenery Meadow Style Weddings

The meadow style, abundant in foliage and greenery, is perfect for couples looking to bring a touch of nature to their wedding. This trend focuses on lush, wild arrangements that recreate the untamed beauty of a meadow. Using a variety of green hues, along with textured foliage such as ferns, eucalyptus, and ivy, create a natural botanical look. Perfect trend for the outdoor weddings or venues that need a natural, earthy vibe.

Eclectic Vintage Bud Vase Tablescapes

Little glass bud vase tablescapes are, in our view, a charming trend for 2024. Instead of large, statement floral arrangements, various small bud vases can be used to create a more intimate and whimsical tablescape. Each bud vase can hold a single stem or maybe use jam jars with seasonal posies, allowing for a mix of colours and varieties without overwhelming the table. This trend is perfect for adding a personalised touch to your décor, as each table can feature different flowers or a unified theme throughout the venue. Filling your bud vases with blooms from our Budding Florist curated boxes make the perfect DIY wedding tablescape.

Less Is More The Use Of Single Variety Flowers

As we step into 2024 we have found the small bridal bouquet emerging as a symbol of sophistication. Offering a chic and minimal design in contrast to the more opulent bouquets. There does appear to be a growing trend towards single variety flower arrangements in 2024. This more minimalist approach focuses on the use of just one variety of flower throughout your arrangements. Whether it’s a bouquet of all orchids, roses, hydrangeas, or peonies, this trend emphasises the beauty of each bloom and creates a striking and elegant atmosphere. These minimalist and mono-floral arrangements prove that sometimes less is indeed more and perfect for couples who are looking for a more modern aesthetic.

The Statement Flower Arch

Flower arches continue to be our bride’s favourite in 2024, offering couples a romantic and dramatic statement floral centrepiece. These gorgeous arches frame your ceremony space, creating a beautiful backdrop for vows and photos alike. Whether adorned with bold, bright flowers or delicate, pastel blooms, flower arches can be tailored to fit any wedding style. Adding elements like greenery, hanging blooms, or even incorporating personal touches like fabrics and lights can elevate the look.

Here at The Flower Studio we love to see trends evolving with the seasons and love to embrace a new way of working. We think 2024 promises to be a blend of the traditional and exciting innovative approaches. We can all agree that a wedding isn’t quite a wedding without flowers!