Styling Bottled Blooms


Tickled Pink Blooms & Herbs




Here at The Flower Studio, our bottled blooms are somewhat of a staple. We design each set of bottles with our favourite floral arrangements, and then ship them to directly to you for you to assemble & choose your design yourself. So, we’ve chosen our favourite floral bottles for you! These enchanting pink blooms and garden foliage adorn these pretty bottles held in a vintage style crate. You can even get creative with how you decide to arrange these beautiful blooms!


Garden Rose And Scented Herbs




This is definitely a favourite with our in house florists here. Gorgeous vintage style mini glass bottles filled with delicate pink and lilac blooms including scented rosemary held in a vintage style metal basket. Your flowers are delivered as a small posy with the bottles packaged for transit to be arranged with creativity and style.


Bring Me Sunshine Narcissi Vintage Style Bottles




It’s spring, so why not decorate your house ready for easter with our six gorgeous Narcissi bottles. These vintage style mini glass bottles are filled to the brim with scented spring Narcissi for a more creative floral gift for crafty friends & family, and makes for a beautiful window feature in any home.


White Cottage Garden Blooms




Our last pick are our bottled White Cottage Garden Blooms. This arrangement not only looks beautiful inside your home, but also makes for a delicate wedding decoration, whether it be for your marital venue or as a dining table feature. These exquisite white blooms complimented with lush garden foliage fill six little bottles held in a vintage style silver metal basket.

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