Should You Buy Flowers For Father’s Day?

June 10, 2024

Although flowers are normally something you give to your mum on Mother’s Day, more and more children are spoiling their dad with a beautiful bouquet to show them how much they care. 


There’s nothing to say men don’t like to receive flowers, and it would allow them to share the joy in being treated with a lovely surprise. 

What’s more, if it’s the first time your dad has been given flowers, the gesture is likely to mean so much more to them. 

The reasons why women love to receive flowers are the same as why men will too, including their beautiful aroma, adding colour to their house, bringing nature into the home, and reminding someone cares every time they look at them. 

These days there are lots of types of flower arrangements you can get, so you can get everything from large bouquets or simple stems in glass bottles to potted plants and faux flowers. The latter requires no maintenance at all, so are ideal for the dads who would forget to look after their blooms. 

Flowers are also very symbolic, so you can use the gift to express your feelings to your father. 

For instance, tulips represent well wishes and love, pink azaleas are associated with family love, forget me nots are connected with loyalty and devotion, and bluebells are linked with kindness, so could be given when you want to show gratitude for their love and support. 

Another great thing about getting a flower delivery sent to your dad for Father’s Day is that you can order it with just a few days to go and be confident it will arrive on time. 

Not only does it make a change from the normal socks, aftershave or bottles of beer you probably usually get him, but sending a flower arrangement could really lift his spirits and brighten up his special day.