Seasonal Potted Plants

December 20, 2018


Seasonal Potted Plants




When styling potted plants for your home and garden, getting creative with your practical pot is a great place to start. This alluring, crisp posy of winter white amaryllis, roses, scented blue fir and frosty silver foliage which embraces the tranquility during the winter months. This beautiful posy of white blooms for a stylish floral gift & complete with little vintage galvanised bucket, complimenting the spring garden bouquet of roses, lime green hypericum, rosemary & delicate grasses make for a stunning Black Friday steal. This beautiful posy of white blooms for a stylish floral gift & complete with little vintage galvanised bucket.




Next we’ve chosen our stunning seven deluxe Phalaenopsis orchid plants, displaying multiple orchid flower heads. This arrangement has been hand potted in this striking willow basket creating the perfect focal point for your home, creating a nordic, rustic style (and also keeps the environment happy!). This beautiful potted plant makes for a stunning centrepiece, in either your garden or home.





This lovely hydrangea plant, with its wonderful large blooms makes a stunning summer display in the home or in the garden. This is a gorgeous shade of cool blue and has been placed in a vintage style galvanised bucket so it can be enjoyed with just a little loving care. Once the hydrangea has been enjoyed indoors it can be successfully transferred to the garden to be enjoyed for summers to come.




And to finish our potted plant medley, our gorgeous yellow ‘Dancing lady’ single stemmed orchid presented in a small galvanised vintage style bucket. The official name for this pretty orchid is oncidium but the tall slender stem & head of small delicate flowers has the nick name of dancing lady. The single stem offers a good collection of colourful little flowers in clusters with flamboyant, contrasting markings making a stunning display with a great value price tag.


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