Roses Are Red: What to get a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift for your partner can be tough. You can buy chocolates and you can write a heartfelt card, but nothing says ‘I love you’ like a gorgeous bouquet. In our eyes, a lush, dazzling, captivating floral arrangement can live long in the memory, helping you add a romantic touch to a special day. To help you decide the best arrangements for your partner, we’ve selected some of our favourite arrangements suitable for Valentine’s Day down below.

Our 5 favourite bouquets to get your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Luxury Crazy In Love Red Rose Bouquet

If you’re searching for an arrangement that makes an immediate impression, you can’t go wrong with our Crazy In Love Red Rose bouquet. Gathering together the very best blooms, our professional florists have poured their hearts into creating a bouquet that will live long in the memory. This arrangement contains explorer roses, sweet avalanche roses, pink wax flowers, phlox, skimmia & garden spray roses sitting amongst wonderfully scented foliage. Wild, joyful and endlessly captivating: this is love at its most luxurious.

Bloom bottles

Quaint, cute and beautiful: our gorgeous bloom bottles are a perfect extra gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. With a whole range of arrangements to pick from, you’ll be sure to find something suitable for your special person. Each small arrangement in our collection has been delicately brought together by hand using stunning blooms complementing foliage and vintage mini glass bottles.

12 Red Roses

Looking to get creative with your own arrangement? Our box of 12 high-quality red roses allows you to arrange your flowers however you wish. Whether you’re laying out a path of roses or making the dinner table that extra bit special, these 12 red roses are the romantic choice. Parvi and eucalyptus are also included within this creative box to add that extra bit of flair to a classic floral expression of love.

The alternatives

It’s not all about the roses, you know. As Valentine’s is in the budding beginnings of Springtime, there is a whole host of other glorious flowers available in their prime. If you fancy giving your girlfriend something a little different this Valentine’s Day, our alternative collection could be ideal. Featuring gorgeous pink bloom arrangements and other wild, brilliantly bright flowers, you’re sure to find something perfect for your partner’s tastes.

At The Flower Studio, we offer a wide range of stunning blooms with the customer in mind, providing you with arrangements made with passion, thought and love all year round. Interested in making Valentine’s Day that extra bit special? Explore our range of luxury bouquets or get in touch with us today – we would be happy to help!