Our Guide on What Flowers to Give for a 50th Birthday

November 8, 2023


A 50th birthday is a time for celebration, appreciation and bucketloads of gratitude for that special person. Whether you give a small floral bouquet or a bigger, more intricate arrangement, flowers always help to make the big day extra special. But what flower represents 50th birthdays best? What colour flowers for 50th birthdays work well? Read on to find out.

Gold and yellow arrangements

Gold and yellow tones have always been deeply associated with 50th birthdays. For many, this is because they act as symbols of gratitude, friendship and celebration. In short, you can’t go wrong with yellow or gold flowers in your 50th birthday arrangement.  Our Garden Path Flowers bouquet is just the ticket, balancing out those delightful yellow hues with other bright colours. If you want an arrangement with even deeper yellow tones, this unashamedly bright Sunshine Bouquet will do just the trick. There’s no shortage of this colour in our arrangements, so be sure to explore the collection for a perfect 50th birthday present.

Rose bouquets

Understandably, roses are an extremely popular flower choice for 50th birthdays. While they may often be associated with romance, rose bouquets can symbolise other feelings too, such as gratitude, appreciation or friendship. For example, this Antique Rose and Herb Bouquet would make a wonderfully meaningful 50th birthday present. There’s a variety of colours you can choose from too:


Symbolising love with their deep red hues, red roses are a wonderful choice for 50th birthdays. We specialise in red roses and have a wide range of rose arrangements on offer – be sure to have a browse.


Perfect for those springtime birthdays, yellow roses are particularly popular as a symbol of friendship. If you’ve been friends for decades, you can’t go wrong with bringing some bright, cheerful yellow roses into their home.


Pink roses are often associated with appreciation and gratitude. If you want to emphasise just how much that special person means to you, a pink rose arrangement is likely to be your best bet.

A bespoke option

Here at The Flower Studio, we love creating gorgeous arrangements that fit the brief, and then some. We provide a variety of bespoke options and our florists are always happy to chat about what you’d like included. Either give us a ring, send us an email or pop into either our Marlow or Bourne End shops to have a chat about a special 50th birthday bouquet arrangement.