Our Forever Silk Collection

June 12, 2019

Faux Chinese Money Plant With Mediterrannean Pot





Our silk collection is a new take on what it means to be an artisan florist. We’ve put together our best picks from our fabulous faux collection, designed to fool anyone (and it’s fuss free!). Our first faux favourite are our beautifully designed Mediterranean flower pots with silk money plant. Also know as Pilea these little plants can be tricky to keep happy in your home, so why not go faux? Our fabulously realistic faux Chinese Money plant has the signature heart shaped rounded leaves, deep green colour and contemporary shape of a real plant, but with none of the upkeep. We’ve hand potted this artificial plant in a gorgeous hand-painted patterned pot with a sunny mediterranean feel. Each pot is unique and will vary with each order.


Faux Mixed Succulent Moss Pot





If you have an earthier taste in Clay moss pot hand-filled with a small selection of life-like artificial succulents for a fuss-free centrepiece. This is a completely unique arrangement and is perfect for adding a little finishing touch to your home décor, each succulent selection will vary as each will be hand-made to order.


Single Stem Eucalyptus





A wonderful foliage classic and the perfect stem for your country garden arrangement. This delicate, realistic real touch faux foliage stem even fooled our florists when placed next to the real thing! Enjoy shaping the flexible stems creating natural organic shapes for your unique floral arrangement.



Blackberry & Rose Flower Jar




We’ve mixed striking artificial blackberry stems with deep claret chrysanthamum and dusty pink roses to create this unique seasonal posy presented in a vintage jam jar. Perfect finishing touch for your festive home or an ideal forever flower gift for special friends or dearest family.

Each posy is hand-made to order and arranged simply in an up cycled jam jar, making each one unique.


Faux White Cyclamen Hand Potted In Terracotta Pot





This stunning little plant fooled the florist! Amazingly realistic this little artificial plant will make a wonderful statement hand-potted in this rustic mossed terracotta pot. This pretty plant is a delicate white with signature deep green leaves, so realistic you’ll find it hard to believe it’s not a living plant, each weighty pot includes realistic moss covered soil.


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