How to keep your Valentine’s Day flowers fresh

February 8, 2024


As florists, we religiously adhere to one motto: fresh is best. Flowers that wilt, droop and sag within a matter of days are never ideal and can add a disappointing note to a thoughtful gift. Still, while buying fresh and avoiding the supermarkets is the first priority, there are numerous ways you or your loved one can keep Valentine’s Day flowers fresh and cheerful all the way to the end of February. Here are some of our top tips.

Give the vase a clean

Not only does a super clean vase look nicer, but it’s also healthier for your flowers. A few minutes of washing using soapy water should do the trick, helping to remove any unwanted bacteria. If you’re in need of the perfect vase as an extra Valentine’s treat, we’ve got your back – check out our vase collection here.

Mix flower food into the water

Whether delivered or picked up at a florist shop, your Valentine’s arrangement should always include flower food. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, flower food will extend the life of your blooms by days. It’s easy to give to your flowers, too: simply add it to the water and give it a mix. If you’re still unsure, there are usually instructions on the back of the packet. Here at The Flower Studio, we always include flower food with our arrangements, so you’ve got nothing to worry about there.

Trim the stems

Cutting off 2cm of stem at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of your flowers is a helpful tip for keeping them fresh. This allows the blooms to soak up water and food much more easily. Top tip: remember to never use blunt bladed scissors when trimming the stems. Secateurs are always a good choice if you have them, but make sure to be careful with sharper tools!

Choose the right location

The location you choose for Valentine’s Day flowers will significantly impact their vase life. We suggest not putting them directly on window sills or near radiators and draughty areas. Surprisingly, it’s been known that flowers near fruit bowls will wilt faster, thanks to the gases released from the fruit. In short, cool conditions out of direct sunlight are perfect for most blooms.

Keep an eye on them

Last but not least, always be sure to keep an eye on your flowers over their lifespan. Whether that be refreshing the water or trimming the stems, there are plenty of ways to give blooms a helping hand over the weeks. The result? More time to enjoy your beautiful arrangement.

Choose the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers today

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