How to care for your valentine red roses in just 3 easy steps!

We work hard with our suppliers to ensure the very best quality red roses are delivered and we are working closely with them in January to source the finest for our bespoke hand-made designs in our local shop in Marlow. Remember many internet based flower companies, including the most familiar, are working from warehouses using packing staff rather than a fully qualified florist. Shopping local and small will help your high street rejuvenate as well as rewarding and valuing skilled craftsman and women.

Once you’ve received your lovely red roses it’s nice and easy keeping them looking beautiful for 7 days or more just follow our florist’s top 3 tips below!

grand love luxury naomi rose bqrhodos red roseDIAMONDS ARE FOREVER RED ROSE POSY

1. Firstly remove your roses outer guard petals

You may notice some smaller, discoloured petals around the outside of your roses. These are the guard petals, which protect the delicate inner petals on the journey to you. Gently remove them and your roses will open up beautifully.

2. Your roses will need to drink water after their journey

Your roses will be thirsty after their journey from our shop in Marlow to your home. Roses tend to dry up at the end of the stem fairly quickly and struggle to drink up any water if their ends are dry. Using a florist kife if possible trim a good 2-3cm off the stem ends before you pop them into a vase with 1 litre of water and flower food.

3. Give them the support they need

Choose a vase that will support your roses. We recommend using jugs or kilner jars with narrow necks as they’ll prop up your stems for a fuller look. When it comes to arranging, always pop your foliage in first, then you can rest your roses against this frame work so they are supported while they rehydrate.покупка квартиры в ипотеку