Flower Subscription Boxes – FAQs

October 6, 2023


Gorgeous bouquets aren’t just for the big occasions. Our professionally hand-tied floral arrangements are packed with captivating blooms and well-balanced designs, bound together by a deep passion for floristry dating back decades. With a wide range of choices available, this offering is perfect for those looking to keep the house full of beautiful blooms every week of the year.

Got some questions? We’ve assembled some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get to grips with our new weekly subscription offer.

What price points are available?

Our weekly subscription flowers are available at 3 price points:

  • £25
  • £35
  • £45

What delivery options are available?

You can choose between a few different delivery options, which we outline below:

Weekly Flower Shop Box

Your weekly flower shop box can be subscribed to for either 1 month (4 boxes over 1 month) or 3 months (12 boxes over 3 months).

Fortnightly Flower Shop Box

Your fortnightly flower shop box can be subscribed to for either 1 month (2 boxes over 1 month) or 3 months (6 boxes over 3 months).

Monthly Flower Shop Box

Your weekly flower shop box can be subscribed to for either 3 months (3 boxes over 3 months) or 6 months (6 boxes over 6 months).

Can I sign up for a trial?

Yep – we offer a trial boxes starting from £25, providing you with a one-off box to help you get a taste of our subscription service.

When will the flower boxes arrive?

If you have chosen a specific date, the initial box will be delivered then.

However, if you have chosen free standard delivery, your order will be with you 2 -3 working days after it has been placed. After that, national dispatch will be sent via Royal Mail every Wednesday with expected delivery on or before Friday.

Local delivery is every Thursday, so please pop your postcode in the postcode checker to see if your address is in our local delivery area.

How will I be charged for postage?

You will only ever have to pay for delivery when placing your initial order. All subsequent deliveries are free of charge.

What’s in my flower box?

Our shops present a selection of the best of the season, offering unusual, unique and undeniably gorgeously designed hand-ties. Your box will always be filled with the most interesting and captivating seasonal stems and flowers from our shops, with a different design sent to your doorstep each week. It’s not just the flowers that offer something unique. The cherry on top is our beautiful foliage, expertly arranged to help balance the flowers in your bouquet.

How do I order your flower subscription?

Ordering a flower subscription is easy. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

1. Select the subscription duration that suits you, choosing between weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

2. Choose your preferred price point, between £25, £35 and £45.

3. Write a message, if you’d like to include one.

4. Add your order to the cart and choose your desired delivery between standard delivery or your delivery date from the calendar.

5. Finally, all that’s left to do is check out securely.

What happens if I need to skip a week or two?

If you’d like to skip a week or need a more tailored subscription, we’re more than happy to offer a personalised approach. Give us a ring at 01628 477990 to discuss this with one of our friendly staff.