Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Father’s Day this year is Sunday 20th June. Here at The Flower Studio we have a variety of plants, accessories and green foliage bunches which would make perfect Father’s Day gifts. All of our gifts can be purchased online on our website in our Father’s Day Collection. If you’re local, you can always do click & collect from our website, or via telephone on 01628 477990, or you can visit our Marlow Shop to see our varieties of different plants we have to offer.

First up we have our Woodland Fern in a Nordic Pot. This plant has a preference for lower light conditions, which means it’s relatively easy to care for and makes it a great choice for anyone, whether they’re used to looking after plants or not. Grow your Blue Star Fern in a bright spot with little direct sunlight, water generously when the soil dries out. This fern also likes higher humidity, so mist regularly. It’s great to add life and greenery into your home and goes with anyone’s home decor due to the black ribbed metal plant pot.

To go with a plant, why not purchase one of our plant pot hangers? They make a great additional accessory to any plant gift! We have options of a hedgehog, a rabbit, and a snail. Here are some pictures of them on plant pots. These pot hangers and some other gift ideas in this guide are also available at our Bourne End Florist Shop in FlowerLand Garden Centre, call us on 01628 523200.

If your Father would prefer a potted flower, we have a few options available online, and some more options if you’re local to Marlow. These 3 are available to buy online and can be delivered across the UK: Our Orchid Twin Spike Pot, our Sky Blue Hydrangea Potted Plant, and our White Hydrangea Potted Plant. The best part with the Hydrangea potted plants is that once they’re enjoyed inside, they can be transferred to the garden to be enjoyed for many more summers to come.

A great additional gift you can purchase with any potted flowers or plants, is our Little Birdie Plant Watering Set. It is an elegant self-watering system that allows you to enjoy your healthy looking plants and flowers without the hassle of daily watering. How they work: They release water into the soil around your plants and, as the soil dries out, they release oxygen back up into the glass bulb, which pushes water back into the soil.

Lastly we have some options of foliage bouquets if you’d prefer to give you father a grand gesture. With each of these bouquets, there is an option to add the vase the bouquet is pictured in to your order too. These again can be sent across the UK even with the vase included. 3 variations we have below are ‘Garden – The green Grass of Home’, ‘Garden – Amethyst Wild Flower Bouquet’, and ‘Garden – Green Pastures Foliage Bunch’.

If you’re local, visit our Marlow Shop to see our full range of indoor and outdoor plants, potted flowers, flower bouquets and foliage bouquets. If you like the look of the above bouquets but don’t think they’re ‘the one’, come and ask our florists to create a bespoke bouquet for your father – you can tailor it to his preferences, and chose the price you’d like to spend!

We hope you liked reading our newest Father’s Day Gift Guide. If you’d like to view our Father’s Day collection, click on the text ‘Father’s Day’ that’s in a different colour, to take you straight to our collection.