Christmas Flower Symbolisms: What Do They Mean?

December 7, 2023


From Christmas trees to festive wreaths, natural green decorations and wintery flowers have been integral to the yuletide season for centuries. As with many other Christmas traditions, seasonal flowers have their own symbolic meanings. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the hidden meanings behind Christmas’ most popular flowers and evergreen foliage.

Holly and woodland berries

It’s no surprise that holly is the archetypal festive plant. Thriving throughout the winter seasons and growing wonderfully red berries, holly is the best way to bring a Christmas touch to any arrangement. There are also various meanings behind the use of holly at Christmas, with Celtic mythology associating the plant with peace and goodwill, two very seasonal sentiments.


Displaying those classic green and red shades, poinsettia is another must for anyone looking to bring more festive vibes to their home. These delightful flowers are undoubtedly a yuletide staple across the world for good reason. The meaning behind poinsettia has religious connotations, with some saying that the shape of the flower itself resembles the Star of Bethlehem.

Red carnation

If you’re looking to send a bouquet to a friend or family member this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with one that contains Carnations. With their deep red hues, carnations symbolise love, passion and admiration and perfectly embody the Christmas spirit. Take a look through our Christmas flower bouquet collection to find a gorgeous arrangement for that special person.

Christmas foliage

Evergreen foliage and wreaths have been used at Christmas time for centuries, adorning Church entrances and people’s homes with a festive touch. As Christmas occurs in the depths of winter, many see this greenery as an indication of Christ’s eternal life and symbolising the oncoming Spring season.


Symbolising pride and beauty, amaryllis are beautiful additions to a festive bouquet. These unique flowers are typically grown in tropical environments, but when grown as houseplants, they flower spectacularly in November and December. Their gorgeous red and white hues have rightfully helped them become a certified Christmas staple.

What better way to bring your home to life this Christmas than with some delightfully festive floral arrangements? Whether you’re looking for a wintry bouquet or a beautiful wreath to hang on the front door, we have you covered. Take a look through our collections today, or get in touch with one of our friendly florists for more information.