Are Flowers a Good Gift? Why a Gorgeous Bouquet is a Perfect Present For All Occasions

April 17, 2023


Call us biased, but it’s hard to go wrong with fresh flowers. Gorgeous, uplifting and memorable – a bouquet can be fit for any occasion. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why we believe that fresh flowers should be your go-to choice as a present for loved ones.

Fit for all occasions

A birthday, Valentine’s Day or simply as a surprise gift – fresh flowers are perfectly suited to a wide range of occasions. Sympathy bouquets and funeral arrangements also add a touch of brightness during those sadder times. While it may be a small gesture, a bouquet can act as a ray of light on an otherwise dark day. Here at The Flower Studio, our dedicated team of professional florists are on hand to create bespoke options for all these occasions, happy or sad.


Scientists say that our sense of smell is even more intricately linked to our long-term memory and emotions than previously thought. Our flowers, picked specifically with the highest standards of quality in mind, exude fragrant aromas that will lift up any room. From roses to tulips, we use a variety of aromatic flowers to pack our arrangements with as many gorgeous scents as possible. When getting a gift for a loved one, what more could you ask for?

The details

Here at The Flower Studio, we put time into making our bouquets *perfect*. Whether that’s placing a piece of foliage in the right place or balancing out the colours of our blooms in a bouquet, time, thought and effort play a considerable role in our arrangements. When you’re giving a gift, that time and effort matters and that’s one of the reasons why bouquets make sense as a meaningful present.  

Visual splendour

On a dark winter day when the rain is lashing down, a colourful bouquet taking pride of place in your loved one’s house can make all the difference. Studies also show that the influence of colours can have a profound impact on memory and mood. Our Garden Path Flower Bouquet is the perfect example, expertly filled with a kaleidoscope of balanced colours that will make any space pop. Looking for something a little more subtle? These small Lilac Garden Blooms in cute milk bottles will fit the bill. 

Are you interested in giving the gift of flowers? Whatever the season, we have you covered. Check out our fresh flowers category today, or search by occasion here. If you have any queries or questions about a bespoke order, please feel free to get in touch.