An Unforgettable Night: How to make Valentine’s Day special

February 10, 2023


Valentine’s Day is special – there’s no doubt about that. As florists, we see flowers as the perfect way to express your love, adding a natural, romantic touch to a special day. With that in mind, we’ve brought together some floral concepts to help you make Valentine’s Day that extra bit special for you and your partner. In our eyes, it all starts with a bouquet.

Surprise your partner with a gorgeous arrangement

A special Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a dazzling floral arrangement. The right bouquet can help you express your love with authenticity, meaning and power, while adding the perfect foundations for a glorious day. Big bouquets, such as our Crazy In Love Red Rose and our My Blushing Rose arrangements can make a fantastic impression as a surprise. Smaller bouquets, including Rose Bloom Bottles and Kiss and Tell, also provide a subtler touch to a table layout. We suggest secretly placing them in your bedroom as a wonderful morning treat for your partner. Why not bring another bouquet into the kitchen while making dinner or just before your restaurant booking? After all, two surprises are better than one!



Arrange the dinner table with flowers in mind

If you’re planning on making a special meal for your partner, a bouquet and candles can provide a beautiful centrepiece to the evening. Bright red roses are a classic choice and will certainly add a stamp of tradition to your table. There are plenty of other wonderful alternative bouquet choices too, especially with so many spring blooms in their prime. We have a wide range of bouquets that would suit this role as the focal point of a dining table arrangement – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our professional florists for some extra advice. Finally, if you’re looking to add some romantic candle holders to the layout, why not include our majestic Grand Stag Centrepiece table lantern?



Write a heartfelt card

Writing a card to house your feelings sounds simple but it can be the perfect way to say what you really mean to say. A card can last a lifetime and give you the time and space to write a message that will help your partner understand how you feel. We have a whole host of stunning, handmade cards available in our shops, perfect for containing your words. After buying a bouquet on Valentine’s Day, you’ll also have the chance to add a card to your order, created by one of our star florists. When planted in a gorgeous arrangement, you’ll have the perfect frame for a meaningful message.



What better way to make Valentine’s Day extra special than with a luxurious, handmade bouquet from our wonderful team of professional florists? Explore our diverse collection today to find flowers that add a dazzling touch to your Valentine’s Day preparations.