A Florist Guide to Summer Trends 2024

June 21, 2024

Summer must be one of our favourite seasons full of vibrant flower varieties, and our florists have been creating a fabulous collection of stunning bouquets. This year, the trend in summer bouquets is all about bold colours, interesting textures, and fragrant blooms. Let’s take a look at this year’s popular flowers in our summer bouquets: sunflowers, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, stocks and roses.

1. Sunflowers: Radiant and Cheerful

Sunflowers are synonymous with summer, bringing a bright and cheerful vibe to any bouquet. Their large, sunny heads make them a focal point in any arrangements, often combined with complementary flowers to enhance their natural beauty.

Bouquet Idea: Our Sunshine Bouquet filled with sunflowers and foliage will be the perfect summer bouquet or maybe try our bright and cheerful summer flower mix design Sunshine Days Luxury Bouquet.

2. Peonies: Luxurious and Elegant

Peonies must be everyone’s summer favourite for their lush, full blooms and delightful perfume. They add a touch of elegance to any bouquet, making them ideal for weddings and special occasions.

Bouquet Idea: We have a fabulous collection of peony bouquets all handmade in our shops in Marlow and Bourne End. Our favourites are My Summer Flower Garden and Country Charm Peony Bouquet.

3. Hydrangeas: Voluminous and Versatile

Hydrangeas bring wonderful volume and texture to any summer bouquets with their large, clustered blooms. They come in striking colours, creating dynamic arrangements.

Bouquet Idea: This striking statement stem is the perfect centrepiece for a luxury bouquet our florist favourite designs are the gorgeous  Lilac Haze Luxury bouquet and Blue Skies And Sunshine Bouquet.

4. Stocks: Fragrant and Full

Our florists love using stocks in bouquets for the fabulous height they add, and we are love their sweet fragrance. They add both scent and drama to any summer bouquets.

Bouquet Idea: A bouquet featuring white stocks, lavender, and peonies creates a fragrant and elegant summer arrangement and our stunning The Bees & Butterflies is the perfect luxury bouquet for your special anniversary, birthday or congratulations gift.

5. Roses: Classic and Timeless

Roses must be a classic choice for any bouquet, adding timeless beauty and elegance. This summer, the trend is towards fragrant and garden roses for a more natural feel to bouquets.

Bouquet Idea: My English Rose Garden with its romantic mix of blush pink, red and cerise roses hand crafted with wax flower, grasses and seasonal foliage will prove the perfect summer rose bouquet.



Summer is all about embracing the natural beauty and vibrant colours of the season’s favourite blooms. Sunflowers, roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and stocks each bring flair to the bouquet trends, whether through their colour, texture, or fragrance. By mixing these flowers creatively, we can create stunning, memorable bouquets that capture the essence of summer.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, decorating for an event, or simply bringing the beauty of summer into your home, these trends will help you create bouquets that are on-trend and timeless. Embrace the season with these beautiful blooms and let your creativity blossom!